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Complete 3PL services | Located near the Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles | For inquiries, please email
  • Location

    We are based in Downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the Arts District, which means the heart of fashion and all things creative.

  • Services

    Logistics, warehousing and fulfillment for mom-and-pops or multi-national businesses. We specialize in direct to consumer and business to business services.

  • Industries

    From footballs to high-end apparel and lizard clothes, we have shipped it all. No matter what you're selling, we'll find a way to box it and get it where it needs to go.

  • Why Nexus Fulfillment?

    Because we know what we're doing and we do it well. We have always maintained close relationships with all of our clients and have happily seen many of them grow from startups to large businesses along the way. Logistics and fulfillment should be exactly that, an honest and helpful passenger in your company's journey.

Focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest. Outsourcing your inventory management and fulfillment services to us means less stress for you. Our full-service direct-to-consumer services include receiving, inventory management, storage, order and package preparation plus a smooth and timely delivery process.

  • 3PL logistics
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Order preparation and fulfillment
  • Complete integration with your existing e-commerce services
  • Drop Shipping
  • Kit building and promotional packaging assembly

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) logistics and fulfillment service offers streamlined EDI integration for efficient supply chain management. Our team works around the clock to maintain optimal inventory levels and adhere to shipping deadlines. Keep your costs low and scale comfortably.

  • International air and ocean freight coordination
  • Cross-country customs clearance
  • Wholesale fulfillment
  • Inventory receiving, loading, and organizing
  • Carton labeling, stickering and pallet sizing

Shipping without the complications

We like to keep things simple. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll get you set up with services that make sense for your company’s size, reach, and products.